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Custom-fit cosmetic dentures
can change your life.

Are you frustrated with dentures that are loose, ill fitting or unattractive? Are you struggling with dental problems and need to transition into dentures? Can’t eat the foods you love? Do you realize that new techniques and materials can solve these problems and allow you to look 10–15 years younger?

Just take a look at our patients' before and after pictures, and hear what they have to say. Not only do they look great, our patients say that they have never had better comfort and function. An added bonus is that Dr. Johnson's expertise in facial esthetics and custom-fit cosmetic dentures allows a new denture to give you all the benefits of a facelift WITHOUT the surgery! But most importantly, the dentures work great when it’s time to eat.

Not only do we make great dentures, but many of our patients choose to upgrade even further and have implants placed to support their dentures. This vastly improves the function and stability of the denture, and prevents bone loss over time. Dental implants are a modern miracle!

The Integrated Dentistry Method™ means a perfect fit and natural-looking teeth—every time.

The benefits are amazing!
  • Get a gorgeous smile custom designed just for you
  • Enjoy a natural look—no one knows you have a denture!
  • Experience the best fit and comfort possible
  • Realize harmony between your jaw, chewing muscles and facial muscles
  • Have the teeth selected, hand set and built to your unique facial features
  • Regain 10-15 years in your perceived age. WARNING: you may be accused of a facelift!
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Increase your sense of wellbeing
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you will receive the best function and longevity

I can tell you from my experience that getting dental implants to secure dentures is almost always the best idea because it prevents bone loss and dramatically increases chewing power.

Here are some words of advice: if you must stay in removable dentures, get the best ones possible. Having well-made dentures improves your appearance, preserves bone loss longer and gives you the best fit possible. If you were going to wear only one set of clothes, you'd be pretty darn sure to get the best possible fit and a look you love. What do you think you should do with your teeth?

To Your Health and Happiness,

Dr. Johnson

Dr. Derrick Johnson


The benefits are amazing!

I Had No Idea I Could Feel This Good About Smiling Again! This Changed My Life—Really!

Pam R., Mountain Home, ARFrom Pam R., Mountain Home, AR
Quotation markI had an ill-fitting denture and I knew I could have something better. The biggest thing is that the teeth themselves were way too small, piano-key, little teeth that didn’t look the least bit natural and the denture jumped around. I knew there were dentists out there who could fix all of that for me and I found him. I decided to come here because it is such a relaxing, comfortable, gracious atmosphere. All the people are awesome. I’ve never been to an office that made you feel so good. I didn’t wait and everything was excellent.

How Dr. Johnson transformed my smile was like magic! Everything turned out even better than I imagined. I had no idea I could feel this good about smiling again. It’s nice to have conversations with people and have them look in my eyes instead of my old, unattractive smile. It is so different for me to be able to smile and feel confident. This changed my life, really.

If I had the opportunity to influence anybody, I would certainly encourage them to give this a shot. I can’t explain, it’s just more than you can hope for. When you’ve been like I was, very self-conscious of my smile and how I interacted with people, it’s certainly worth whatever money. And I would do it again in a minute."


I Can Eat Anything. It's Something I Hadn't Been Doing for Many Years and It Feels Good.

Bob P., Bull Shoals, ARFrom Bob P., Bull Shoals, AR
Quotation markMy lower teeth are the only ones I have originally and they were in pretty bad shape, and the upper denture was 20 years old. Through the process and explaining to me what could be done, I hesitated because of cost but as it turns out, I don’t regret a bit of it and the whole process was rather easy, no trouble. We went through a much better set of impressions and such in making the upper denture than I’d ever seen before. It all came out, I’ve never had a complaint about the upper and I’ve never come back for an adjustment or anything other than the one tooth. I’d recommend the process to anyone.

I’m just plain satisfied. Prior to this, I was limited to more or less chewing on one side of my mouth, and I had trouble with them because I was always getting food under the denture. I had to be careful what I was eating. And my wife kept telling me she didn’t want me to shave my mustache off because my upper lip looked like it was caved in whereas now it’s not. It’s out where it’s supposed to be, I guess. It feels real good and with the lower teeth all fixed up, it’s a whole lot better look when I look in the mirror.

Now I just chew. It doesn’t make any difference which side, where or what. I can eat anything. It’s something I hadn’t been doing for many years and it feels good. I recommend you any time."


Getting Used to This Denture Was Nothing.

Bev P., Bull Shoals, ARFrom Bev P., Bull Shoals, AR
Quotation markMy new denture is so much better. I can chew on either side very good and the denture is in tight, nothing slips or anything. It’s just right there. I can eat corn on the cob no problem. Getting used to this denture was nothing where getting used to my old denture took a lot of going in and making it so I didn’t have sores in my mouth. These fit good and I really am happy with them, I really am!


My Face is Lifted More Up, Almost Like a Facelift.

Frea S., Mountain Home, ARFrom Frea S., Mountain Home, AR
Quotation markI’ve been wearing a plate for 50 something years. But I’ve always had the same problem, always headaches, and I’ve had a lot of dentures. I saw that you were doing TMJ and it’s 100% better now. I’ve had very good experiences.

I am very happy, before you couldn’t see I had any teeth. I can smile and say, hey I have teeth. I look like I got ran over by a Mack truck before. Now my face is lifted more up and everything, you know, almost like a facelift. It was worth the money."


I Had No Sore Spots at All! You Solved All the Problems I Was Having.

Phyllis G., Mountain Home, ARFrom Phyllis G., Mountain Home
Quotation markI had dentures and the teeth were falling out. About the fourth time I was in a restaurant eating and I decided it was time to do something, so I took a chance and came to you. The process this time was entirely different. Before I went in, had an impression made and a few days later, I went back and that was it. If I had sore spots, I had to go back, which I did many times. With this, I had no sore spots at all. You solved the problems I was having and you were concerned with the shape of my face. You were very particular and I was pleased with the whole thing. My dentures fit very well and they chew a lot better. I’ve had very nice compliments on how they look and they are so comfortable. I’m very well pleased."


They Look Like My Natural Teeth!

Jo W., Mountain Home, ARFrom Jo W., Marshall, AR
Quotation markI love my teeth. They look like my natural teeth. That was important to me, and the color matches and they just look real!"

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Dr. Derrick Johnson Mountain Home Arkansas DentistDr. Derrick Johnson graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1995. In 2011, he became a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry for his commitment to advanced dental education.

Academy of General Dentistry Fellowship

He utilizes his extensive training and experience to treat even the most-challenging dental situations. He has been delivering implant, reconstructive, cosmetic and functional solutions to patients for over 17 years. He served the communities of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona prior to moving to the beautiful state of Arkansas.

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